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Welcome to the Now Playing Wiki,

the information and fanwhore central.
340 articles with any actual information.

Welcome to the Now Playing Wiki!

The purpose of the Wiki is to help newcomers and curious current players find out more about the characters in game, as well as the various cliques, traditions, and sundry other activities going on at the moment.

There's a calendar in development, which should eventually develop into an archive of the IG threads, making it easier for other players to follow plots and fanwhore their favorite IG relationships.

Before you add new categories or pages on topics, check to make sure that those categories or pages don't already exist! Wikis only work if they're well organized, and they can only be well organized if everyone is conscious of how what they're doing fits into the larger whole. As of this writing, there are 3 pages which explains what's going on with the prefects -- and that's not good.


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